Living with the glass half full- of coffee

I’d like to share with you a very deep love affair that started about 3 years ago. While sitting on my brand new college campus as an eager little freshman, my best friend turned to me and asked a question that would change my life- “wanna go grab a coffee?”.

At this point in time, I was not a coffee drinker. I didn’t like the taste and too much caffeine made me sick. Of course, my best friend insisted that I try a mocha because “it has chocolate, and you can’t even taste the coffee!”. From there, the rest is history. Two months later I became a basic white girl and started working towards a Starbucks gold card. Two months after that, I was officially a member. Coffee and I have been hopelessly in love for three years now, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Thank you, coffee, for helping me keep a positive, energetic, and optimistic outlook on life every day. Love you.


One thought on “Living with the glass half full- of coffee

  1. Bri –

    You are an incredible writer who speaks to my soul. From coffee to attitudes, your basic white girl mirrors my basic white girl. You’re my spirit animal. I always look forward to anything and everything you post. Keep it going. XO


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