Follow your passion

A little disclaimer here: I am in no way, shape, or form calling the ALS ice bucket challenge stupid, dumb, or pointless. I’m simply addressing an idea that so many people have varying opinions on. In fact, I think the challenge is an amazing marketing scheme to raise awareness for ALS. So kudos.

I do, though, think that too many people enjoy hopping on the same social media bandwagon without looking at the cause. I think that guilt and a constant need to fit in/be the first to share something propels people to participate in things they wouldn’t normally do.

Now, ALS is a great cause, and if it’s something you truly believe in, then be my guest and support it. Donate. Share. Get drenched in ice water. Do whatever it takes to make people aware of this cause and gain momentum for it; however, I highly recommend you do it because you’re passionate about it, not because your bff wants you to. If people followed and promoted causes that they themselves believed in 110%, then there would be a million more people working to make a difference not just for one cause, but for all kinds of causes. Follow what you’re passionate about, and share it with others.

If you want to do the ice bucket challenge, then go for it! If you don’t, though, then don’t feel guilted into it. Do the things you want to, for the causes you believe in, and you’ll still be making a difference.

If you do feel inclined to help the ALS Association, you can donate at or do your own ice bucket challenge!


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