Blogging about blogs

I figured the best way to get back into the swing of things would be to post about how I’m learning about making a successful blog in class… Pretty perfect timing if you ask me!

Although, in all honesty, making a blog was really something I just wanted to do for the fun of it. People that know me well know that I love to talk and share my thoughts and ideas, so I figured I’d make the blog to keep all of those things in one place. It also gives people an option to choose if they want to listen to me or not. šŸ˜‰

Hopefully with the busy upcoming week I have (sorority recruitment starts next Thursday… bless us all) I’ll still be able to throw in some good posts. In the meantime, here’sĀ the one blog that I follow religiously (and is basically my entire inspiration for my own blog). It’s called the college prepster, and she’s pretty much awesome. Her name’s Carly, she lives in NYC, and she constantly posts about popular trends, fashion, and her adorable little puppy! If you have a moment, I’d highly suggest checking her site out. If you have your own favorite bloggers too, let me know who they are!

Peace & Love.


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