Move On

People can sometimes suck.

It’s something that happens in life that we can’t control. We can’t tell people how to live their lives, and we can’t dictate how they respond to situations they’re put in.

Wanna know what you can control, though? Yourself.

You have every resource to help yourself. Upset about something? Change it. If you can’t change it, then let it go. If it’s a situation you were put in and you’re having negative feelings towards it, then change your train of thought. Stop being negative. All that does is make you more upset, and let’s be real, you don’t want to feel any worse than you already do. Think positively, no matter how hard you have to work for it.

Yes, it sucks. It makes you feel like a chunk of you is being ripped out and smashed onto the ground. Know what sucks more? Continually putting yourself through that same feeling day in and day out.

It’s not worth it. They’re not worth it. I’m telling you from an experienced point of view, you don’t need anybody that only brings you down. I guarantee that you have so many other people that love you. Use their love and soak it all in. That’s the love and positivity you need, not the negative energy coming from negative people. You’re so much more than that, and you need to remember it.

As a girl that was bullied through a large part of her childhood, I know how you feel. I know that people can make you feel like you’re the lowest of the low. I’ve even experienced that exact feeling while in college. But you wanna know what else I’ve felt? Strength. Strength from my friends. From my family. From myself. I know my worth, and you should too. Stop letting people upset you. Stop letting them take advantage. Stand up for yourself and your feelings. Stand up, and move on.


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