Guess who’s back, back, back…

Well, after about a month hiatus and a very busy end to the semester, I finally am posting again. And what better way to come back than with an “Artist of the Week” post?! This week, I’d like to focus on…

Carrie Underwood!

For any of you that know me, you know that my obsession with her is very real. She’s an inspiration, icon, and role model to so many people, and this week, she released a “Greatest Hits” album that I’ve had on repeat all morning. All of her best songs ever in one place? Yes, please! Her most recent one, Something in the Water, tops the album followed by some of her most popular songs off of each album.

Now, I, being the Carrie nut that I am, realized there were a few other great songs that are missing off of the album. I’ve posted those here, but follow the Greatest Hits link, and you can see her entire album!


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