Time for a face-lift

Well, after finishing up a crazy senior year of college — with a new co-op-turned-job offer on top of it — I’m finally back to blogging and posting again.

If any of you kept a close eye on my page, you’ll notice a new layout and a few changes as the posts start up again. I felt that since I’m growing up and becoming more mature, my blog should too. I’d like to not only keep the advice/inspiration posts, but I also want to add in some music posts and other aspects to give the blog a better reach and depth. If you hate it, let me know, but I can’t promise I’ll care. 😉

As for now, hopefully I can get back into a rhythm and start doing something I love again. Leave me any suggestions for posts you’d like to see or anything like that in the comments — I’d love to hear your ideas!

Lizzie is so #inspirational


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