What They DON’T Tell You about Going Greek

I’m sure you know exactly what a sorority or fraternity is, right? Based off of all those flawless TV shows and movies, most likely. (am I right, Zac Efron?)

We drink. We party. We skip class. We’re disrespectful. We’re rich. And we sure as hell don’t have any friends outside of our little Greek circle.

But now, I have a question. Have you ever heard of the word philanthropy? Have you ever heard it associated with sororities or fraternities? Because, and you might want to sit down for this one, but: Greeks. help. others.

And they don’t just help those in need. They also forget to tell you how Greeks are a great support system on campus as well. They can rally and lobby for certain initiatives, campaign their support for different student government candidates, and they tend to have a big influence within other organizations outside of Greek life.

Most times, you don’t hear how sorority and fraternity members have a certain GPA they are required to maintain in order to stay in the Greek organization. They are also required to participate in a set number of community service hours as well as get involved with other organizations or sports.

Another benefit of Greek life you don’t always see? The confidence you gain from being a part of a system and group of people so motivated and determined to succeed that they’re willing to share that energy and inspiration with you until you reach your dreams. There’s a reason so many successful and famous people just so happen to be Greek.

There’s a lot of things about Greek life that can annoy me. And yes, there’s a lot of people who do still enjoy to drink and party (welcome to college). But, there have been so many countless examples of love and support and experiences that have changed me for the better that I know would never have happened if I hadn’t joined Greek life.

As an alum sorority girl who regrets not getting involved sooner, I’m encouraging each and every one of you interested in joining a Greek organization to do your homework. Look up the ones at your school, attend recruitment meetings and events, and give it a shot. You might be very surprised to learn there are so many other things they never told you about Greek life.

Take a look at this helpful article on some of the positives in Greek life, and head on over to the OU Greek life page for info on Oakland’s Greek system!


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