Eye on the Prize

Classic story: 

Young kid has a great idea. 

Young kid attempts to make this great idea happen. 

Young kid gets shut down. Hard. And a lot. 

Young kid gets frustrated, but doesn’t give up. 

Young kid keeps working till he/she makes it and becomes the model of success for all other young kids with great ideas. 

A lot of times, people need to be shut down and turned away to show their drive and motivation to reach something they truly believe in. That dedication to a cause, an idea, or a belief is what has gotten many successful people where they are today and what so many people have labeled as “The American Dream”. A major problem with this initial rejection, though, is how easy and convenient it is to give up. 

I’ve seen way too many people believe that they are incapable of doing something. They listen to what other people tell them. They take to heart the opinions of those uninvolved with a project or concept. And they fall down. They give up. They quit. And in the process, they lose sight of their dreams and themselves. 

Well, I’m here to tell you: don’t give up. Don’t let those people get to you. Don’t let someone who’s opinion you didn’t even ask for, deter you from reaching your dreams. Don’t let someone who thinks they know more than you, have more of an influence on you than you have on yourself. Don’t let the fact that somebody won’t let you do something stop you from doing it anyways. And absolutely do NOT let somebody tell you how you’re going to live your life. 

You only get so many minutes, so many days, so many years. Spend them the way you want to spend them, doing what makes you happy. Let your happiness come from you, what you do, and the dreams you have. Not only will you be an inspiration to yourself, but you will also help to inspire so many more people to come. Keep on that grueling path to success, and keep your eye on the prize — whatever that may be. 


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