10 Reasons Why You Need to Get Over it and Move On

1. Will it matter in a month? A semester? A year? No? Then it’s not worth worrying about now. 

2. Nobody wants to see your social media rants. Period. 

3. The situation is probably bothering you more than anybody else. So basically, you’re just making yourself miserable. 

4. Your friends are probably sick of hearing about it. 

5. You complaining isn’t going to change the situation. You know what will, though? Moving on to something that makes you happy. 

6. “Getting even” never works out the way you plan. 

7. It’s not worth stress eating all of your feelings for more than one night. Past that, nobody is worth that much of your time (or calories). 

8. Dwelling on the past is only stopping you from moving on to the future. 

9. You’ll gain hours of free time once you stop stalking and keeping tabs on other people. 

10. In the end, being angry or upset is a choice, and it’s something you need to learn to let go and rid yourself of before you let it take over your life. Happiness is also a choice, and one that’s much easier to make than it might seem. Choose to get over it. Choose to move on. And choose to be happy. 


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