News Flash: Recruitment Videos aren’t Real

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough over the Alabama Alpha Phi recruitment video phenomenon that’s sweeping over national news. Seriously. Shut up. You people know nothing.

Sorority recruitment videos aren’t real. In fact, they’re about as fake as 90% of girls’ hair (mine included). But you wanna know what? I keep dying my hair. Why? Because I freaking want to. And because I can. And because your opinion is irrelevant.

And if girls want to jump up and down in slow motion in bikinis cause they’re young and cute and can do it, then go for it. Have a blast. But, and I’m hoping everyone in the country can realize this: those things don’t actually happen.

I bet the people freaking out about this video also think that girls have pillow fights at sleepovers. Or that they never leave the house without a full face of make-up. Or that they don’t fart.

Truth be told, we DON’T all stand around blowing glitter. Or bubbles. Or dance around with sparklers. Or in bikinis. SURPRISE! Recruitment videos are made to be fun and cute and quite honestly, ridiculous. People watching them know it’s not actually real life, it’s a video. You know, like all those super accurate sorority and fraternity movies that Hollywood puts out, right?

There’s a reason why some guys decide to make fun of sorority tumblrs (shout-out to MSU SAE’s) and videos. Everyone knows it’s funny and not real, and the guys trying to reenact the pictures and videos is beyond hilarious.

Leave the Alpha Phi girls alone. Leave all sorority girls alone. And stop digging for the negative. Stop looking for the next screw up or the next innocent thing you can turn into a devil-like connection to Greek life. If you haven’t gotten rid of us yet, you’re not getting rid of us now. But I mean, 500,000 views on a recruitment video sounds pretty cool. Bravo, ladies.



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