8 Reasons Why Growing Up is Actually the Worst

“I can’t wait to be done with tests and stupid papers and immature people.”

Maybe that’s what you think, but news flash: the tests don’t go away, they just change into performance evaluations; the stupid papers don’t end, they just turn into projects with stiff deadlines; and the immature people? A piece of paper isn’t going to turn them into grownups.

Between trying to pass classes and trying to grow up, college is an extremely stressful time. While most people just want to get it over with and move on to their “big boy” and “big girl” jobs, there are so many things you can’t get away with once you graduate college:

  1. Skipping work because you feel like it or you’re hungover isn’t actually an acceptable reason or allowed like it was for skipping class.
  2. You get too old for college parties and now have to resort to spending lots of money at overpriced bars.
  3. You have to learn to walk the fine line of coworkers vs friends (out-of-hand work parties aren’t as easily forgiven as out-of-hand frat parties).
  4. You can’t change your mind as easily as you could while in college. If you don’t like your job, you can’t just talk to an advisor and switch to a different one.
  5. Your best friends aren’t all in the same place, at the same time, every single day. You’re all growing up and moving on with your own lives, and that means less time spent catching up and hanging out.
  6. Bills. Lots of bills.
  7. Ramen and Mac & Cheese no longer count as successful dishes of food you’re able to cook.
  8. Saving money for your future becomes a top priority while blowing money on coffee and alcohol drops to the bottom.

While college can be hard and take a toll on your health, there’s no doubt that it’s a time for learning, growing, and messing up. Enjoying the time you have with the people closest to you is one of the most important things to cherish before it’s all gone. Take risks, make mistakes, and regret nothing. The real world might not be as kind.


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