PSA: The Skimm

Okay, so from time to time I come across some really cool websites and information that I want to share with the world. Today is one of those days.

I’m an avid news reader and was a Broadcasting minor in college, so news is something that’s always interested me. I like to keep up and know what’s going on so that I can at least pretend like I’m an adult. For a lot of people my age, though, that interest isn’t there.

Enter: The Skimm. It’s a broken down, easy-to-read daily newsletter that has the top news explained in a way that people want to read. It’s like talking to your friends, except your friends are two girls behind a computer.

I highly suggest anybody my age (or anyone interested) to click on the link above and sign up for the Skimm. It’s fun, easy, and keeps you in-the-know with what’s going on in the world around you (which is a good idea for more than just water cooler conversation).


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