Because Sometimes… Sip Happens

We live in a world where people are constantly connected: through smart phones, social media, email, and so much more. Yet, we still judge people so very harshly and pretend that we’re all so different from one another.

Enter: Sip Happens. A YouTube channel created solely to connect people and show similarities between each and every one of us. We all want to succeed. We all want to learn how to grow up. And we all want to try and get rid of those awful things called Crocs. We’re in this together, and now we’re in this through the lens of a screen, too.

One of my best friends Kourtney and I decided to create a YouTube channel as a way to show a little slice of our lives, our opinions, and our tips to help out anyone and everyone that may want it. We hope that you’ll follow us on this journey as we attempt to grow up without ever losing  the sense of our inner children. You can watch the video below and then comment, like, subscribe, and share to help us connect our lives with all of yours!


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