Oscars Season is the Best Season

So, for those of you that haven’t heard, the Oscars nominations are out!! This is basically like my Super Bowl (although, to be honest, the Super Bowl is awesome too).

My mom and I have a tradition of watching the Oscars (which is on February 28th, btw), and this year will be no different. Almost 23 years ago, I was born on Oscars night, so it’s obviously a dream of mine to one day be at the live event. But until then, I’ll just have to sip champagne and rave about the people that do get to go.

My goal this year is to see all of the films nominated for best picture (I mean, I’ll watch anything with Leo, let’s be real) and then to watch any others I have time for. They all look fantastic, especially The Big Short.

But, for those of you who think these movies could use a little more realistic titles, you’re not alone. The creative minds over at College Humor created some pretty hilarious (and much more practical) titles for the films nominated for best picture… Take a look for yourself and laugh away!

Best of luck to those nominated, and I can’t wait for the big day! And, hopefully one day, I can say that I had the amazing opportunity to attend The Academy Awards… Cheers!


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