Is Breastfeeding in Public Unacceptable?


I saw this video trending on Facebook, and it really opened up an interesting point/conversation.

I’ve never really had an issue with women breastfeeding in public, but then again, I’m a woman. It seems like a lot of the people making a fuss in this video are men, but videos that try to make a point tend to frame it in a certain way.

Regardless, is there a difference between a woman dressing “sexy” in a low-cut top and a woman feeding her child? Should something that’s natural be shamed? Should either of the situations be shamed? I’m curious to hear the different viewpoints and who takes which side.

Personally, I think that there’s interesting points on both sides. Initially, I would say that both women are in the right and should be free to express themselves/perform perfectly natural processes without anyone saying it’s wrong. But then again, there are rules against indecency in public, and in that case, both would technically be pretty out of line. In that case, then, do laws only apply to certain people at certain times? Have we, as a society, created these laws without much thought as to what is natural vs. what we’ve made right/wrong? Or should there be certain rules pertaining to breastfeeding in public so as not to offend those who may not agree with it?

Take a look at the video and let me know your thoughts — should breastfeeding in public be more acceptable?


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