Friday Fashion – Suede Shoes

Okay, so I follow “LiketoKnow.It” on Instagram which is basically a fashion account, BUT when you “like” a picture, it automatically sends you an email with where to purchase the pieces in the picture. Super cool!

Well, as I was scanning across Insta the other day, I saw this awesome pair of shoes and just had to like the picture. Turns out, I have some great (and expensive…) taste.

Although these shoes are a little out of my budget (yeah, okay, like I can afford Barneys), I just love the color and the fact that they’re suede heels. So, I went on a hunt and found a couple other, more reasonable, pairs of shoes similar to the ones I fell in love with. TG for DSW and Nordstrom.

  1. _110682542Here’s another, similar blue suede shoe in a slightly darker shade. Although I love the color on the original, this one’s priced much better at $99.95.
  2. _11295892Now, this one’s a little bit closer to the color above, but it has a different design. I really like the style of this shoe, but the front is a little odd. I think I can look past that, though, because the name of the shoe is “Sasssy”, and they’re also $99.95.
  3. pinkOkay, not gonna lie, pink isn’t exactly my go-to color. I don’t wear much of it, but I’ve been trying to lately (especially in the summertime). These shoes, though, with the right outfit, would be stunning. AND they’re only $59.95!
  4. redAlright, I found these, and while they’re nothing like the original shoe I found, I’m 100% more in love with them! They’re red, which is one of my favorite colors, and the ties makeĀ them such sassy shoes. They’re only $69.95, and they’re a part of Jessica Simpson’s line, so I’m absolutely obsessed.

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