Music Monday — Time to Get Motivated

Okay, so for this Monday I don’t have a specific artist or song, but instead, I have some great pump-up songs!

This week, my sister and her dance team are headed to Disney World for their nationals (and yay, I get to go, too!), so I thought I’d put some songs together to get people ready to kick some major booty. These songs all make me want to go run a marathon — and I hate running. So, for all of you looking to start this Monday right and get ready to take on the rest of this week, here is some major motivational music (warning: there’s some explicit content for any little kids):

  • I Own It — You may have heard this song in the most recent trailer for “Neighbors 2“, and it is definitely a song that gets you ready to take on whatever comes your way. It also makes me want to go take over a club… To each their own.

  • Run This Town — Okay, the original of this song is fantastic on its own, but this remix makes me imagine a movie-like slow-mo turned into watching a team completely kill it and win some big championship. It’s totally inspiring.

  • How Bad Do You Want It — From Furious 7, this one is pretty self explanatory… How bad DO you want it? Work hard, play hard my friends.

  • Lose Yourself — I don’t care what anybody says, this is a classic motivator song. I mean, it’s Eminem. Enough said.

Okay, well, these are only a few of my favorite motivational songs, but they’re a great start. If you want to listen to some of these as well as other pump-up songs, I made a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy! Happy Monday!


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