The Healthiest Mocha Latte Ever

So, as it is Thirsty Thursday, I wanted to highlight a new drink I tried this week. While it’s not alcohol, it’s definitely something I think should be shared!

As of late, I’ve been trying to get on a “healthier eating” kick. Maybe it’s the new year, maybe it’s the looming summer months, but either way, I’ve been trying more organic and healthier foods and drinks. Well, as it turns out, they’re not as grossly unappealing as I always thought!

I’ve been told a million times how coffee isn’t good for you (at least, not the way I drink it…), so I’ve been trying to find alternatives that aren’t just water. I came across this “Dream” Mocha Latte drink in the organic section of Kroger, and it turns out it has a ton of perks all while still having caffeine in it! The drink is:

  • non-GMO
  • non-Dairy
  • naturally caffeinated
  • gluten free
  • cholesterol free
  • and rich in calcium!

Now, how does this happen you ask? Well, it’s made with coffee and almonds to still taste like a latte, but without the dairy. It’s also only 160 calories!

The packaging says you can warm it up or drink it cold. I haven’t warmed it yet, but I put it over ice, and it definitely tasted just the same as a normal mocha latte! I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a coffee alternative or anyone with any types of dairy issues. If you end up trying it, let me know what you think!


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