Poetry: It’s Been a Year

I can’t believe it’s been a year

Since you have gone away.

I swear that I was talking to you

Just the other day.


The tears are more sporadic now

I cry a little less,

But on the nights that seem the worst

They make me such a mess.


They say that things get easier,

But all I really feel

Is emptiness inside my heart

At every family meal.


I keep your picture in my purse

And room and office space,

So if I’m ever feeling down

I’m not far from your face.


It’s been a year, I can’t believe

That you have missed so much

Like weddings, graduations, and

A precious baby’s touch.


I hope you know I think of you

At different times each day,

And no matter where life takes me,

In my heart, you’ll always stay.


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