Friday Fashion – Fur Vests

So, for this past Christmas, I asked my parents for a fur vest. I had seen a ton of pictures with vests looking super chic with tops and jeans or with dresses, so I knew it was a piece I just had to have.

My mom would send me different pictures of different vests she’d find, and we finally both found one we really liked. I’ve worn it a few times, and every time I do it draws some sort of attention. The last time I wore it, a lot of people told me they liked my outfit, so I thought I’d take it apart and post other similar pieces so that anyone can get the look!

  1. The Fur Vest: While I’m not 100% sure where my mom got my vest from, I found a few others for some pretty decent prices! There’s one from Target that’s $35, one from Nordstrom (Topshop, specifically) that’s $75, and one from H&M that’s $20!
  2. The Button-up Shirt: So, I actually have multiple versions of this shirt, in different colors, but all from Express. I found this one which is similar and $40.
  3. The Jewelry: Okay, so I don’t technically own the jewelry… I have it on loan from Rocksbox! The necklace and ring are gorgeous, designer pieces, and the way it works is that you get 3 pieces of jewelry in the mail to wear (and potentially buy to keep) for a flat fee of $19. If you’re curious but don’t want to spend the money yet, use the code “bacarlesxoxo” for a free month to test it out!
  4. The Jeans: Little secret… My jeans are the cheap $8 Forever 21 kind. They actually are super comfortable and have lasted me about 2 years — that’s a dang steal in my book!
  5. The Purse: My purse is a Kate Spade bag that I just absolutely adore. It has lasted me a few years and still looks awesome. It’s a little more on the expensive side, but hey, that’s what birthdays are for, right? Here’s a similar one to mine for $298.
  6. The Shoes: I am completely and utterly in love with Vince Camuto. It’s kind of a problem. All of my boots are by him, including these little black booties. There’s a similar pair on his website which are on sale right now for $80.

Hope you can find something you like! Here’s to rocking the fur vest and making a statement. 🙂


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