Mistakes Are Necessary

How many times has your mother been right? If she’s anything like my mom, I’d guess just about every time. And even knowing that information, I’ll still do things she tells me not to, fail, and then realize I should’ve known.

How about your friends? How many times have you heard “I told you” from friends that warned you not to do something, but you did it anyways, and then they ended up right? This tends to happen a lot, too.

If there’s one thing I’ve gained, though, from all of these people and all of these wrong situations, it’s that every single time, I learned something. I learned the wrong way to handle a conversation. I learned to be more cautious to people I talk to. I learned to take a moment to collect my thoughts before talking with someone. And sometimes, if I was really lucky, I learned that I can be right too.

I would have never learned these things if I had listened to everyone else. I wouldn’t have gained the experiences I did, I wouldn’t have made those mistakes, but I also wouldn’t have lived my life the way I knew I had to. I would have been completely dependent on the opinions of those around me — on their thoughts, their concerns, their suggestions — all on MY life. I would have never done anything for fear of upsetting everyone around me, and that’s just not a way to live. They may end up right, but at least I can say that I tried.

Now, I’m not saying disobey your parents and tell off everyone in your life that makes you angry, but if you have something in your life that you’re unsure about doing because you’re worried about what other people might think, stop. Don’t care what they think. Everyone has opinions, whether you care to hear them or not. Usually people do tend to have your best interests in mind, and honestly, they might end up 100% right on the situation. But, if you don’t at least try to do something your way, you’ll always wonder “what if” you had just ignored everyone else and did what you wanted to do. Take chances and make mistakes — it’s making you a better person. I promise.


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