Bullet Journal > Planner

Don’t shoot me just yet – hear me out, and then decide for yourself.

I recently became an ambassador for theSkimm (dubbed a “Skimm’bassador) and proceeded to become a part of their exclusive Facebook group. While scrolling, I came across possibly the greatest organizational creation ever… A bullet journal.

Now, at first I assumed it was more like a diary than anything, but it turns out it’s so much more. It’s a diary, a to-do list keeper, and future planner all in one! And the best part is – you can design it however you want to.

I had to read through this article a few times explaining just what a bullet journal was before fully grasping the concept, but it makes complete sense. As someone who lives and dies by to-do lists, this was easily the route to go. I also love that as you add your own thoughts to it, it becomes like a mini diary as well!

As assumed, some people are much more creatively inclined than I am and really go to town on these journals. While there are some pages that I feel I could decently attempt, I become increasingly intimidated by the perfectly Instagram-ed pictures. I wouldn’t worry, though, because it’s really more of a way to stay organized and keep track of things than to draw and design.

What do you think? Is the bullet journal something you’d want to try? If so, grab yourself a journal and get bulleting! If not, I’m sure Lilly and Erin will be happy to hear.


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