In the middle of the ocean 

As I’m on vacation in the middle of the Caribbean ocean, I’ve become very aware of the small space we occupy in this big world. 

We all talk about how we live in such a small world, connected by the people around us to other people we meet. We know so many of the people in our communities, and we have friends and family all over the country, possibly all over the world. 

But, as I stand jumping waves and feeling the pull of the tide, I realize that even knowing every person at a school or in a community, you are still such a small portion of the big picture. The creatures, the environment, the mountains and the seas, they’re so much bigger and more vast than any of us could ever compare to. 

There are billions of people you’ve never met, tons of views you’ve never seen, and an unlimited amount of places you’ve never been. For anyone to feel certain that he/she knows everything there is to know is just silly. In a world so great, we’re truly only the tiniest of dots. And while our individual lives are beyond important, they are so intricately intertwined with billions of other people’s around the country, and around the world, creating one of the most complex stories ever. 


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