Broads & Bars: The Stay-at-Home Mom

A friend and I were out at a bar in the Royal Oak area. The two of us were talking at a little table when 2 guys walked up and started striking up a conversation with us.

They both seemed nice enough and bought us drinks, so we kept chatting with them. As the night continued, though, I could hear my friend getting angrier and angrier. I offered her to join me in a trip to the bathroom, and she gladly accepted.

As soon as we were out of ear reach, she started going off. Apparently, she and the guy she was talking to got onto the topic of work. My friend, a brilliant chemical engineer, has a great job that many people would kill for. The guy? Not as great of a job as her. The problem? He didn’t care about her job.

He had said that one day, when they got married, she would stay at home and take care of their kids – regardless of the job she’d be giving up. (Definitely 10/10 would not recommend saying this to a girl you’re trying to make like you and not hate you)

That set my friend off. She could not understand the thought process of letting a woman, who makes more money at her job than the man, quit her job and be at home. His argument was “what do you mean? That’s just the way it’s supposed to go”.

I don’t think I’ll ever really understand why men think that’s a good way to pick up a girl, especially when you can see that she’s extremely happy and proud of the woman she is. I suppose they think they’re funny, but after an entire lifetime of hearing that “joke”, it gets old.

Needless to say, we ended up going to another bar after our bathroom trip.


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