…And She Sticks the Landing!


With the summer Olympics in full swing, it got me thinking about life and goal-setting. There are such young athletes competing in the Olympics, and this is something they’ve been working towards for years and years. Their dedication and hard work is something that continually inspires me.

I’m somebody who’s all about goal-setting and working relentlessly to accomplish a dream, but I think the hardest thing to do is to pick a single goal and stick to it. In an effort to help myself (and hopefully you, too), I’ve looked into some ways we can make sure we’re setting the right personal goals and working towards them every single day:

  • I get these daily texts from a website called “Shine“, and this week I received quite a helpful one. As far as setting a goal, they said to question how you’ll get there instead of just setting the goal. Instead of saying “I will…”, instead ask “will I…”. Questions prompt answers and direction instead of just demanding yourself around.
  • I also just started a vision board. I bought a big cork board that I’m going to hang in my room and have been cutting out/pinning pictures onto it. Basically, it’s like an in-person Pinterest board that you look at every single day to be reminded of the goals and dreams you have.
  • I’ve recently found an article as well on how to pick and stick to your career goals. Originally, it was written towards medical students, but the lessons are universal and include things like breaking down your goals and finding a mentor.

What ways do you set and stick to goals? If you have any of your own tips/tricks, feel free to share them! I could definitely use all the advice I can get, and I’m sure others could as well.


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