Thirsty Thursday: Blossom Cafe & Bakery

Okay, so this week isn’t exactly about alcohol… BUT, it’s still a drink and just as good!

This past week, I found a place that had not only amazing macaroons, but also had bubble tea! It was my first time trying it, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

I posted a picture of the Blossom Cafe and Bakery to my Snapchat account (bacarles if you’re curious), and so many people asked where I was. It was great because it’s a little place tucked away in Rochester, which is pretty random, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite places. They don’t have a huge menu yet, but they offer some pastries (specifically, their amazing macaroons) as well as a variety of different types of bubble tea and coffee.

There’s plenty of tables set out, wifi to work on, and even some board games at the front of the cafe to play with your friends! If you’re looking for a cool place to study or grab a bite to eat, I’d definitely recommend checking out Blossom Cafe and Bakery.


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