5 Tips for Young Marketers

I think one of my favorite social media sites is LinkedIn. If you use it correctly, you can make very meaningful professional connections and network yourself without ever leaving your house.

Well, another aspect of LinkedIn that I love is their Marketing Solutions Blog. I receive daily emails from them with tips, tricks, and info on how to become a better marketer and what the most current trends are. This past week, I got an article geared towards young marketers (hey, that’s me!), and I think it’s great information to relay. So, thanks to a panel at the Everstring’s Discovery Awards, here are 5 powerhouse career tips for young marketers:

  1. Perfection Isn’t a Thing – I think this one is really important. One woman mentioned how when she made a list of goals and keys for success, “perfection” was never one of them. Even though I think it’s a tired reminder, it still stands true: you don’t ever learn from being perfect, you learn from failing and having to change your ways. And that’s what makes great people great – standing and trying again after they fall.
  2. Unapologetically Be Yourself – Listen, the world is changing. What reigns supreme today could change in the next 24 hours (especially in this world). Be who you are and don’t worry about what you “should” be to be a leader. One of my favorite quotes ever is “well-behaved women seldom make history” by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.
  3. Prioritize Your Work-life Balance – Outside of the office is just as important as inside, so you have to make the time to take care of yourself in all aspects. They recommend finding other hobbies that are fulfilling and meaningful to you (like volunteering or blogging) that you can do on your free time!
  4. Delegate Work to Elevate Others – Once you start growing in your career, pass off some of your tasks and projects (not just the daunting ones, but even some of the exciting ones) to newer team members to give them the chance to also grow their careers. The article says “as you rise, take others with you”, and I 100% agree.
  5. Always Be Networking – No matter what, always network, always learn, and always find new ways to grow. They also recommend finding a solid mentor to guide and push you.



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