I Don’t Blame Donald Trump for His Comments

Here’s the thing: I believe that Donald Trump truly does only talk like that with other men. And I believe that many, many men in this country also talk like that (whether you admit it or not) when not in the direct presence of women (hence his “locker room” mentality).

The problem here, though, is not that he talks like this – I actually don’t blame Trump for that. The problem is the country and the people who create an environment where talking like that is appropriate.

What Donald Trump says is no different than the rap songs you jam to in your car or the explicit movies and television shows you watch. The media, who is so quick to write him off for his comments, are the same ones promoting this type of degrading “entertainment” on a daily basis. Ironically enough, at this point in time (2005), Trump was a celebrity and in the entertainment business – a business which thrives and glorifies men who speak and act like that.

I’m not saying his actions are excusable (I’m thoroughly disgusted by men who act so repulsive and immature). I’m not saying to cast your vote for him come November. I’m simply saying that getting outraged over one man’s comments is unjustifiable when we are consistently surrounded by comments like that. And Donald Trump, as a person, is not to blame for the way he acts. We definitely shouldn’t encourage it, but it’s also not his sole fault.

Framing this as “Trump is a horrible person unfit for the presidency because of the way he treats women” isn’t wrong, but it isn’t going to change anything about comments like that. Getting mad only at Trump doesn’t stop every other man in this country from talking like that – or worse, actually sexually assaulting women.

Sexual assault is VERY real. I’ll bet it has happened to so many more women in your life than they care to admit to. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how men can be brought up and think, whether under any influence or not, that it’s okay to walk up and grab a woman whenever he pleases. That is obviously something we, as neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens, need to begin working on as a whole. Not just tearing down a single man for his actions, but tearing down every single belief that this type of behavior is ever okay.


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