Home for the Holidays

It’s like the first snowfall of the winter. 

That feeling of pure bliss and excitement. That moment when you don’t even care how cold it is outside because there are snowflakes falling, and you could spend forever running around trying to capture the fleeting moments of happiness on your tongue before they melt away. 

It’s like inhaling the deepest breath of your grandmother’s cookies right as they emerge from the oven. Even after you licked the spoon (and the bowl) clean, there’s still nothing that compares to that first bite into the soft, gooey wonderland while wearing matching aprons and listening to big band jazz music. 

It’s like your favorite birthday party ever. The moments of dedication and commitment shown by those who love you most by showing up to your house in the dead of winter wearing nothing but a grass skirt and some coconuts. You knew they loved you because even though there were goosebumps rising on every inch of their bodies, they still arrived in character to make your 8th birthday special. 

It’s like a warm fire on a cold night with your family surrounding you. While you may have burned your tongue on the too-hot hot chocolate, even that isn’t enough to shake up your Monopoly game. Between dad shit talking and mom threatening your future meals, family game nights are anything but dull and forgettable. 

From fresh snowfalls and cookies to love and family, there is just something special, almost inherently necessary, about being back home for the holidays. 


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