Another New Year

Looking back on all the years that seem to come and go,

Reminiscing everything from goodbye to hello.

Another day that you awake, a new year shining bright,

An open possibility for endless dreams in sight.

You know not if you’ll reach your goals or if you may fall short,

But just stay true to who you are and welcome all support.

For every year brings happiness and sadness just the same,

But only you can stop yourself from taking all the blame.

So with the dawn of a new year upon us once again,

I ask that you all share your love with family and friends.

Do not set goals that make you feel inadequate or weak;

Instead be kind, be curious, be strong, be generous, be chic.

A lot can change within a year, including goals and dreams,

So just enjoy your life as-is, and be just who you seem.


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