Thirsty Thursday: The Twisted Tavern

Holiday breaks are for eating too much food and catching up with friends.

Over the holiday, I got together with an old friend (I’m talking, friends since 3rd grade old), and we wanted to try something new. She recently moved to the Royal Oak area, so I met her at her house, and we took a trip out to Ferndale.

Originally, our plan was to try Imperial. I had heard they have great tacos, and apparently everyone else had, too – there was a 45 minute wait for 2 on a Wednesday night! We started walking around Woodward to kill some time and check out what else was around and came across The Twisted Tavern. Since it was on her bucket list of places to try, we decided to give it a shot.

It was definitely a good idea. Although it wasn’t too busy at the time we got there, it quickly filled up as we realized it was Trivia Night. I love a classic Cosmo, but they have a Twisted Cosmo that is to die for… (Peach vodka, Orange vodka, house made berry puree, fresh lime juice, & white cranberry juice!). We also split the seasoned fries that were nothing like I thought they would be… They had Parmesan cheese on them!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend heading to the Twisted Tavern – great food, great drinks, and lots of trivia prizes!


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