Don’t Quit Your Daydream

Do you ever feel destined for so much more?

I can’t tell lately if my millennial-age brain is just messing with me and my idea of what I should be achieving in life or if I really am able to do great things.

Let’s start with my thoughts: I have no direction of where I want to go in life, I like everything and love nothing, I have a versatile background of experience without being an expert in one specific thing, and I have a longing to be somewhere other than where I am – physically and mentally.

I daydream about the hundreds of options I have and consider the possibility of making it in every avenue without admitting that I can’t even make it in the avenue I’m currently in. I want to go places and meet people but without any solid idea of why or how. I want to write, I want to perform, I want to create, and yet in this moment I’m just sitting. Waiting. Excusing.

I apply to jobs I’ll never get. I talk about places I’ll never live. I thrive in an alternate universe while physically existing in the current one. Do these two parallels ever actually meet, or is that the crazy concept that millennials have in our day and age? Should we forget about the big, crazy ideas and live to survive as our parents did? As I share this, will I have those same people who judge millennials for wanting “too much” tell me that I am capable of whatever I dream? Are they lying? Are we fooling ourselves? Or do we propel the concept of “it would never happen to me” to both bad situations as well as the good ones?

At some point, as I’ve been told, things will work out. I understand the phrases as they’ve been repeated to me a million times: Something better is coming along. What’s for you will not pass you. If they didn’t want you, it just means someone else does.

And I will – I’ll continue to believe that things will work out. I’ll believe that something great is going to happen. I’ll dream, like a lunatic, and truly dedicate my free moments to whatever new idea I have. I’ll know, deep down, the doubts and statistics are there, but I’ll continue to ignore them. I’m not sure if I’m foolish or if I was raised in a world different than our parents, but either way, I don’t care. This can’t be all, and I’ll do whatever it takes to create the world I dream about. I’m still not sure what that world consists of, but I know that the more I test the waters, the more I’ll learn about what I really want and need.

I may not know what is ahead, but I know that I feel destined for so much more.


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