Cycling As Told By Bri

As I’m typing this, my crotch still hurts from spending 60 minutes on a stationary bike with no seat cover. 

It seems that cycling is the latest workout fad, and since I tried barre after it started getting popular, I decided I’d try cycling, too. My little sister has been going for about a month now, so I went with her to see what all the hype was about.

Prior to trying my first cycling class, I imagined it being a room full of rows & rows of women doing synchronized pedaling on stationary bikes with matching little outfits. And to be honest, I wasn’t far off.

For starters, we were the youngest people in the class. Then, as my sister is explaining everything to me and getting me set up on my bike, she goes, “oh yeah, and the music isn’t too bad, but it’s not really my favorite”. She wasn’t joking… I heard everything from alternative music (shoutout to Green Day) to hard rock to pop.

The up and down aspect (constantly switching between standing and sitting) really didn’t work well with me. I have pretty bad knee problems from years of dance, so I basically just ended up sitting the entire time riding a bike without any scenery views other than a bunch of sweaty people.

While pedaling along to Enter Sandman by Metallica, I realized something: if we could find a way to hook these bikes up to some wires, I bet we could create enough electricity to supply a small town in the U.P. for a week. I think it’s a pretty good green initiative, and I was proud of coming up with the idea on Earth Day, no less!

Even though I did end up burning a lot of calories, I’ve decided that cycling isn’t my kind of workout. It’s pretty much glorified cardio and hurts worse than leg day.

Oh – and in classic Bri fashion, I didn’t realize until the last 60 seconds of the class that my sister never told me to start with my bike at the lowest resistance… I ended up spending the entire hour on one of the highest resistance levels. I basically biked Mt. Everest. Cool.


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