Woman Crushin’ on Myself

It’s a Wednesday, and since I haven’t seen a #WCW post in quite a while (Woman Crush Wednesday, for those of you who don’t follow the hashtag trends), I thought I’d make one to start off 2018 the right way.

So, for this #WCW, I’ve decided I’m crushin’ on myself.

It’s a new day in a new year, and this world is constantly making us feel inferior. From personal experience alone, I look at “models” on Instagram and constantly¬†compare myself to them. It got to a point last year that I had to remove myself from everything for a little. I was down, and I think the worst part was that I don’t even actually want to be like them.

I want to be like me, not because I think I’m the absolute greatest person to walk the earth (but if you wanna tell me that, I won’t stop you), but because I know what I am and what I can offer. I’m not trying to follow the crowd – I never have. I’m trying to create noise in a different way. I may not even know how or where or when, but I know that I will.

I’m sick of seeing girls follow what everyone else tells them. I’m sick of seeing people letting society dictate what’s “cool”. I’m sick of thinking that I’m not good enough because I don’t fit in a box. I think it’s time to really own who I am because honestly…

I fuckin’ rock. Happy #WCW. Go on & be rebellious in 2018 & actually love who you are. (And blast some Hailee Steinfeld while you’re at it)


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