Detroit Summer Bucket List

So many of my friends come to me with questions about what to do in the city, and there’s nothing I love more than obsessing over Detroit. After taking trips to Arizona and Minnesota this month, I love being home in my fave city even more. Exploring other places is so fun, but nothing beats exploring in your own backyard.

Since the summertime brings so many more opportunities for events (hello, patio season), I thought I would share my personal bucket list with all of you. If you want to bookmark the page, screenshot the list, or write a note in your phone, these are definitely some of the highlights to hit:

  1. 3Fifty Terrace: I mean, who doesn’t love a rooftop bar in the summer?
  2. Eastern Market: You know, I’ve been to Eastern Market multiple times, but I still haven’t been for the legit market… so, it makes the list until I’ve bought some fresh veggies.
  3. Belle Isle: I know, I’m the worst Detroiter ever for not going yet. I actually want to make it a whole day and take my mom there with me.
  4. Detroit Zoo: Okay, tbh been here a million times, but what’s the summer without stopping to see that the animals are just as hot as you are? Also, there’s beer.
  5. The Apparatus Room: Have heard nothing but incredible things about this little bar in the heart of the new Foundation Hotel, so I definitely need to see it for myself.
  6. John K. King Bookstore: Let’s get lo-o-ost, let’s get lo-o-ost (sung to the tune of G-Eazy and Devon Baldwin).
  7. Detroit Public Library: While on the topic of books, have you seen the views that the DPL serves?! I haven’t, which is why it’s on the list.
  8. Vinotecca: Vino=wine=the greatest ever. New wine bar, need I say more?
  9. Voyager II: Supposedly has some of the greatest food in the country. I’d like to test that theory. (It was voted one of Food & Wine’s Restaurants of the Year)
  10. Mutiny Bar: Detroit’s own badass tiki bar. Humuhumunukunukuapua’a.
  11. Detroit Fleat: Food trucks. On rotation. Every day. THE DREAM.
  12. Slow Roll: My friend actually reminded me about this one. I don’t currently have a bike, but I’m about to buy one just so I can participate.
  13. Cadieux Cafe (aka Feather Bowling): Something totally different and unlike normal bowling or fowling, this little bar is the exactly what it means to being Belgian.
  14. Detroit City FC: Yeah, the Tigers are cool and everything, but no sporting event is nearly as entertaining being a fan as it is an athlete like a soccer game. DCFC is the OG Detroit team – the Boys in Rouge and Gold.

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