Happy National Best Friends Day!

I freaking love my friends.

My friends are basically my soulmates. They’re the people who make me laugh, the ones who let me cry, the ones who will drop everything to help me, and the ones who support me through every inspiring, impulsive, or downright bad idea.

I’ve been so fortunate to have people that I’ve grown up with since I was in elementary school that have made it with me to where I am today. And I’ve been even more lucky to meet people in college and through different jobs that I’ve also kept close.

In a world where every day is a made-up holiday, I’m pretty pumped to celebrate this one. Between friends getting new jobs, visiting new places, buying new houses, or just making it through another week, there’s always something special to celebrate. If you’re also looking for something special to do while you celebrate your special bffs, check out the awesome list of options below to do in the city tonight! Happy Best Friends Day!!


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