De-Stressing in a Busy Week/Happy International Self-Care Day

Ever since I was little, I have always jam-packed my schedule. Whether it was school -> dance class -> homework or work -> school -> sorority event -> birthday party, I have always been go, go, go.

I usually am pretty good at handling it all, but sometimes I just need a break. I posted on my Instagram a little while ago about ways people de-stress and take time for themselves during a hectic week. I thought today was the perfect day to share them since it’s International Self-Care Day!

  1. Amanda Bacon: She suggests heading over to Citizen Yoga in Detroit to “namaste out”.
  2. Maddie P.: She had some awesome suggestions including taking phone calls out in the sun, walking meetings, and really taking a moment to enjoy coffee/tea at the beginning and ending of your days!
  3. Myles Perez-Miko: Even dogs can have suggestions, right?? My friend’s dog Myles recommends playing fetch, which is something I’m sure Captain would love for me to do too…
  4. Kourtney: One of my besties says to end a rough day with a bubble bath and a glass of wine (bath bombs sold separately).
  5. Margaux: She swears by face masks! She said taking the time to sit still and just enjoy the refreshing feeling helps make you feel instantly better.
  6. Maggie Mikus: Maggie says trivia and margs, which ironically I do with my friends every week… So I second that motion.

On a more serious note too, self-care is so very important. There are days when I just can’t handle everything that’s going on, and I’m learning to accept that those days are okay. Every day is not going to be smooth or with minimum stress, but as long as I remember to take time for myself every once in a while (or to get better at saying “no”), then I’ll be able to really enjoy the other crazy days.

Everyone’s version of self-care is different, and I hope that you can find something that suits your own life. These suggestions are all great places to start, but until you really take the time to focus on you and your mind, you won’t know what works best (I’ve learned that for me, it usually involves sitting on a dock of a lake). Today, take time for you. It is an international holiday, after all.


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