Sip Happens: Quarantine Drink Edition

Wasn’t sure I was ever going to blog on here again, but then I got locked indoors for a month and thought WHY NOT.

For those of you who follow along on my socials, I brought back the ever so infamous “Sip Happens” from the grave. That’s right – time for some nonsense interviews and information. I’m still working on if this will be a weekly event, but as of right now, it happened today at 7:30 pm ET!

I went live on Instagram with my (poor) mother to share some of the fun drinks we’ve been collecting to try over the summer. While summer might look a little different this year, we thought it’d be fun to give all of you the recipes to try right now at home! Some of these aren’t crazy original, but sometimes you just need a reminder that they exist to mix up your usual vodka lemonade. Hope these help brighten your quarantine days just a bit!

For Your Next Quarantini:


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