About Bri Car

Captain and me on Broadway!

Hi everyone, Bri here! The cute little pupper with me is my dog, Captain. We’re currently living our (read: my) dream in Nashville, Tennessee! Originally from suburban Detroit, I packed up and moved to Nash in May of 2019. I’ve been blogging and posting on social media professionally for over 5 years now, and I absolutely love every minute of it. Writing started out therapeutic for me – instead of writing in a journal, I decided to type it on the Internet. One thing I learned early on was that whatever negative feelings I had that I would have written about in a journal, I decided to add a positive twist to it through my blog. It put a lot of different situations into perspective for me, and I try to stick to the same ideas today.

These days I’m usually sharing snippets of my life, from different events I like to go to/throw to very personal pieces like my battle with anxiety and depression. I try to be as open as possible so that if someone else may be feeling similarly, they would know they’re not alone. I also like to work with tons of different brands and artists and have been fortunate enough to make a little extra cash in the process.

Wanna connect?


Feel free to reach out to me through the “Contact” section on my site or by email at BriCar@BriCarPR.com. I love fan mail (lol) or the opportunity to offer my services to businesses and brands! I also love finding new music to listen to, so if you know of a not-so-popular band or artist, send ’em my way! I’m so excited to be on this journey to who knows where, and I’m very thankful that you’ve decided to tag along. Until the next adventure!

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