New Music Friday 1.25.19

Oh yeah, this baby’s coming back. Expect a new post every other week – I’ll collect my faves that I’ve found and post them here. Or, feel free to follow me on Spotify to keep up with what I’m listening to!

Now for the good stuff – new music I’m jamming to:

  • Ariana Grande – 7 Rings: Come on, shit’s amazing. Girl power to the maxxx.
  • Mike Posner – Noah’s Ark: Lil Detroit babe, finally getting us some solid new music.
  • Maren Morris – GIRL: Um, so now that everyone knows the perfection that is Maren (thanks @ The Middle), can we please appreciate this amazing new release?! More girl power, for that friend you just want to give a hug & tell it’s going to be okay.
  • J. Cole – MIDDLE CHILD: Tbh, didn’t understand the hype. Then I listened to it. Now, I am the hype. AMAZING.
  • Carly Rae Jepsen – Party For One: Honestly, Carly has come so far… Call Me, Maybe to Cinderella on Broadway to a bangin’ new pop song. Basically, f you boy, I’ll just dance by myself without you BYE.
  • Julia Michaels – Happy & What a Time: New EP from one of my favorite, most underrated artists. It’s so real and honest and perfect. Happy is my 2019 vibe, and What a Time brings on all the feels. Also, Niall is in that one & he sounds SO much older, it’s crazy.
  • Sara Marie Barron – Does She & Let Me Be Yours: Hi, you’ve never heard of this Detroit girl, but you def will soon… Does She is my current jam (think, falling asleep singing it) & Let Me Be Yous is so heartfelt. Her vibe is like a souls-y pop/blues, and I have no doubt you’ll love her, too.
  • Jake McArthur – Drunk at 3AM: Another one you’ve probably never heard of, but again, you will. Super great vibe, Detroit native, and hung out singing in Nashville the past year. New music coming soon, and I’m personally pumped to hear it.
  • FLETCHER – Undrunk: The reality of being drunk & making mistakes… Super real, super good.
  • X Ambassadors – BOOM: One of those “I feel like a badass today” songs. Classic X Ambassadors, really.
  • Hunter Hayes – Heartbreak: Not to be mistaken for “Somebody’s Heartbreak” also by him, this new release is freaking adorable. It throws me back to the times when I was in love with him… Still am, tbh.
  • Lost Kings – FU4E: Oh look, the perfect “fuck you” song! Also added this to my workout playlist bc duh.
  • WALK THE MOON – Timebomb: I just love this band so much, and their new music has yet to disappoint. I want to blast this with the windows down on a sunny day… Sigh.
  • Tiesto – Grapevine (Tujamo Remix): Classic, awesome EDM. Perfect for a workout playlist & to get that heartbeat goin’.
Take a listen to the entire playlist here!

I Got “Whisked” Away with Detroit Bakeries

If you know me by now, then you know that I love to cook and bake! It’s definitely something I’ve gotten from my mom – ever since I can remember, my mom would always have a home cooked meal on the table for us whenever we got home from school or work. Honestly, I still have no idea how she did/does it… But it definitely has taught me a ton about being in a kitchen.

One of my absolute favorite things my mom makes is her homemade cheesecakes. They are easily the GREATEST things I’ve ever tasted (cappuccino for the win). I was so stoked when I found the Whisked event hosted by the Detroit Free Press and Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers. I know it’s dorky, but I love any excuse to learn something new about baking – especially from Manal at For the Love of Sugar!

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Thanks to the awesome people at the Freep, I was given 2 tickets to attend the event at the Great Lakes Culinary Center and got full access to walk around stalking people with my camera (honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do). I obviously started with the appetizers table – the maple pumpkin dip and chicken salad were major stars of the show! I personally loved the variety of cheeses because I’m in a dedicated relationship with cheese… So.. 

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Anyway, I then headed around to the featured tables. I wasn’t really sure what to expect at this event – for starters, my friend and I were some of the youngest people there… Nothing new for me since that’s usually what it’s like at cooking events, but I definitely stood out being young AND randomly taking pictures. I regret nothing, though, because I’ve gone back to these pics multiple times to look up the 4 bakeries – they were SO GOOD. 

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Following the apps and perusing all of the tables, the presentations began. Whisked has been going on for 3 years, but for some reason, this was the first time I’d heard of it. Each of the 4 bakeries got up in front of the audience and presented one of their favorite recipes in an open kitchen concept. It was the coolest thing to see them actually working through all of the steps and explaining it it person. It was like being back in my mom’s kitchen as a child. 

I learned how to make all kinds of treats, from homemade marshmallows to gluten free pumpkin scones – which, by the way, tasted JUST like the Starbucks ones! The 4 bakeries (Holiday Market, Good Cakes and Bakes, Ethel’s Baking Co., and For the Love of Sugar) did such a great job, and viewers even got to taste-test each of the yummy treats! 

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To literally nobody’s surprise, I got macarons from FTLOS (okay, how cool is this galaxy one?!), but I’ll definitely be checking out all of the other bakeries for any holiday goodies I need!! Big thank you to the Free Press and Chevy Dealers for putting on a *sweet* event – I’ll definitely be back next year to learn some more tricks in the kitchen! 

Girl’s Staycation in Detroit

I can’t be the only one that gets an itch to get the hell out of my current place and escape to somewhere else for a bit… Which, is a very doable thing, if you’re rich. If you’re poor, like me, you gotta get creative with your vacations. Enter: the staycation.

My girlfriends are some of the greatest people in the world, and every day with them is filled with adventure and laughter. So, I decided to plan out a staycation in my favorite city ever (Detroit, duh), and we took on the city at some of my favorite places!

Check out our itinerary and video below for some of the best spots to hit with your girls, and let me know if you can think of any others! Also, shoutout to Crowne Plaza Detroit for the beautiful hotel room on the riverfront.

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Detroit

We were lucky enough to not only stay right in the city, but right on the water, too! The Crowne Plaza welcomed us with an awesome bottle of wine and cheese plate, which was so unexpected. We then headed to the top floor for a little happy hour and met the sweetest bartender ever, Selena. The atmosphere on the top floor was as breathtaking as the view. We ended the night with a glass of wine and a nice face mask. The hotel overall was a perfect place to stay at, especially being close to the heart of the city!

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Femology Detroit

Femology is one of my favorite places for girl bosses of any kind. You can walk in there and instantly feel a magnetic energy going through the room. There’s so many ideas and inspiration within the walls, and it’s a great place to go and brainstorm new thoughts and concepts. We started out here to gain some inspiration, thanks in part to the awesome decor they have!

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Detroit Public Library

The DPL is one of those places that you can’t even believe is in Detroit. It reminded me of a library you might find in New York City or something similar. The architecture is stunning, the books are endless, and stained glass adds a timeless touch to such a beautiful building. I highly recommend checking it out – no pun intended.

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Lumen Detroit

Amazing restaurants are on every corner in Detroit, but amazing open-air ones are the best to find, especially while the weather is still nice! Lumen is located in the new-ish Beacon Park, an awesome little area of family-friendly games, pop-ups, and lounge areas. It’s one of the not-so-tourist heavy areas, but there’s still plenty of locals hanging out at all times. The food at Lumen is both delicious and plated beautifully, and their original cocktails are delicious!

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Ferne Boutique (Detroit)

I am so beyond obsessed with Ferne; it’s really taking a toll on my bank account. Originally started in Bay City, Ferne just recently opened their new Detroit location last month. The clothes are gorgeous, the storefront is adorable, and the prices are actually budget-friendly. We all loved trying on different pieces, and I’m pretty sure every single one of us walked out with a Ferne Detroit bag in hand.

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For the Love of Sugar

If you know me, you probably already know just how IN LOVE I am with this bakery. FTLOS has the greatest macarons I’ve ever tasted in my life, along with the greatest, most chocolately cake I’ve ever had (aptly named “Matilda” after the famous scene with Bruce in the movie). I love this place so much that I’m having Manal and her team make a cake for my mom’s birthday!

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The Apparatus Room

Just as Detroit is full of foodie restaurants, it’s also full of mixologists and amazing bars. As expected, it all comes down to the atmosphere you’re looking for. How about an old fire house turned bar/hotel? Well, that’s exactly what The Apparatus Room is! Part of The Foundation Hotel, The Apparatus Room is a classic example of the revival of Detroit (bonus points for being right across the street from the Crowne Plaza). It’s modern decor and amazing cocktail list make for a boujee evening to remember. Definitely one of the coolest bars I’ve been to in the city!

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