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Being the dream chaser that I am, I uprooted my life in Michigan to follow my heart to Nashville. I found a roommate, got an apartment, and was ready to check off one last thing on my list: a new job! With my main experience being in social media marketing and communications, I knew that I wanted a position which not only centered around my experience, but also pushed me to grow and learn even more. I love a good challenge, and I like to take calculated risks – in social media, as well as in life. I knew that my next step – my next risk – was to go at it on my own. I’m now looking to freelance full-time and already have some pretty awesome clients. Please feel free to download any of my documents below, and if you would like to connect with me, you can reach me at

Social Media Findings Within a B-to-B Business

Working within a company primarily focused on B-to-B, handling social media can be a little bit of a different beast. Instead of finding and engaging with potential customers, as you would with a B-to-C company, you have to really focus on which social media posts create the most engagement from your company’s employees and focus on creating employee advocates through social media.

Facebook and the Company

Over the past few years, I’ve tested different ways to engage with my company’s employees through social media – specifically Facebook. Pictures celebrating our employees (whether it’s a picture of everyone in their Halloween costumes, wearing purple for Women’s Day, or the feast of our dip-off competition) tend to create the most engagement and prompt the posts to be shared. An employee is much more likely to share a post in which they are featured in or that relates to company culture than one that shares general information.

When creating employee advocates, I like to let co-workers know when I’m posting them, to share it with their friends, or to feature individual’s ideas or pictures. A popular post I did was on National Dog Day in which I created a Facebook album of everyone’s furry friends. Not only was there a great amount of engagement on the post (who doesn’t love dogs?!), but there was also a lot of reach with people sharing the pictures of their personal dogs onto their own Facebook pages. Obviously, when employees share posts from your company, it exposes your company’s Facebook page to fresh, new people who also have somewhat of a vested interest in the page (since they have a friend/family member who works for the company) and are more likely to like/follow the page.

LinkedIn and the Company

LinkedIn is a bit of a different approach. Since we are working within a B-to-B space, we want to still highlight our company culture, but we also want to offer easy-to-read information pieces. Posts centered around company-culture (like the ones similar to Facebook) also do very well on LinkedIn.

One thing, though, that performs better on LinkedIn than Facebook is content offering short, digestible pieces of information. Things like “How to create a flexible work schedule” or “The top 10 networking conversation starters” are pieces of content that people can click on, read quickly, and then return to the social site. In B-to-B business, these pieces of content are useful to other business executives or employees looking to network and grow their companies. This attracts people to the page, engages them, and encourages them to like and share the information for others in their network to read. It also gets exposure to your company and, if posted & linked within a company blog, draws traffic to your website as a first step within a potential customer’s journey.

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