Girl’s Staycation in Detroit

I can’t be the only one that gets an itch to get the hell out of my current place and escape to somewhere else for a bit… Which, is a very doable thing, if you’re rich. If you’re poor, like me, you gotta get creative with your vacations. Enter: the staycation. My girlfriends are someContinue reading “Girl’s Staycation in Detroit”

A Hop, {The Skip}, and a Jump

Nothing is cooler to me than hidden gems you find in the city. And an alleyway bar with popular artists’ murals on the walls surrounding it is definitely one of those gems. You can find The Skip between Broadway & Library Street, behind The Z parking lot. It rests smack dab in the middle ofContinue reading “A Hop, {The Skip}, and a Jump”

Broads & Bars: The Stay-at-Home Mom

A friend and I were out at a bar in the Royal Oak area. The two of us were talking at a little table when 2 guys walked up and started striking up a conversation with us. They both seemed nice enough and bought us drinks, so we kept chatting with them.¬†As the night continued,Continue reading “Broads & Bars: The Stay-at-Home Mom”