Music Monday -All the Feels

Since the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards were last night, I figured this was a good time to share some of the new music I’ve been listening to. It’s kind of a range all across the board, but I think each song is better than the next. Check out what’s been on repeat on my playlistsContinue reading “Music Monday -All the Feels”

Music Monday – Windows Down, Country Up

With the fall season comes pumpkins, changing leaves, and temperatures that allow you to roll the windows down one last time before the blistering cold. I always love driving around with my windows down and some country music blasting. For this Music Monday, I have some of my current country jams: Young Forever – HighContinue reading “Music Monday – Windows Down, Country Up”

Music Monday (on a Tuesday)

Even though it isn’t a Monday, I have about a million songs this week that I want to share, so I decided to just pretend like it’s Monday… And then every time I rememberĀ it’s actually Tuesday, my day gets a little better. Here’s my latest music muse (with their YouTube videos): Cool Girl – ToveContinue reading “Music Monday (on a Tuesday)”