2018, A Poem By: Briana Carlesimo My worth is not dependent On the boobs across my chest. You cannot base my money On my kitten heels and dress. You cannot interrupt me Just because you have a thought. I know this might sound crazy, But my silence can’t be bought. I do not march forContinue reading “2018”

Women Who Rock – Tina & Amy

Obviously we know I love powerful, inspirational women. Well, I love them even more when they’re funny. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aren’t just super funny comedians, they’re feminist fighters who have zero issues sharing their beliefs. Not only do I love watching them in Parks & Rec and 30 Rock, but I also love themContinue reading “Women Who Rock – Tina & Amy”

To the Girl with Big Dreams

Today is the International Day of the Girl according to the UN. Girls across the world are consistently held back for various reasons, and this day is to celebrate all of them and to create goals to help better their lives. While I was in college, I got very involved with an organization called She’s the First,Continue reading “To the Girl with Big Dreams”