Another New Year

Looking back on all the years that seem to come and go, Reminiscing everything from goodbye to hello. Another day that you awake, a new year shining bright, An open possibility for endless dreams in sight. You know not if you’ll reach your goals or if you may fall short, But just stay true toContinue reading “Another New Year”

…And She Sticks the Landing!

  With the summer Olympics in full swing, it got me thinking about life and goal-setting. There are such young athletes competing in the Olympics, and this is something they’ve been working towards for years and years. Their dedication and hard work is something that continually inspires me. I’m somebody who’s all about goal-setting and working relentlesslyContinue reading “…And She Sticks the Landing!”

Why Failing Can Be Good

This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. That one goal you’ve been working beyond hard for. The chance to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. And then… It doesn’t happen. You don’t make it. You came within inches of the goal you set for yourself, but you didn’t quite reach it. You’re crushed, you’re confused,Continue reading “Why Failing Can Be Good”