News Flash: Recruitment Videos aren’t Real

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough over the Alabama Alpha Phi recruitment video phenomenon that’s sweeping over national news. Seriously. Shut up. You people know nothing. Sorority recruitment videos aren’t real. In fact, they’re about as fake as 90% of girls’ hair (mine included). But you wanna know what? I keep dying my hair.Continue reading “News Flash: Recruitment Videos aren’t Real”

What They DON’T Tell You about Going Greek

I’m sure you know exactly what a sorority or fraternity is, right? Based off of all those flawless TV shows and movies, most likely. (am I right, Zac Efron?) We drink. We party. We skip class. We’re disrespectful. We’re rich. And we sure as hell don’t have any friends outside of our little Greek circle.Continue reading “What They DON’T Tell You about Going Greek”