2018, A Poem By: Briana Carlesimo My worth is not dependent On the boobs across my chest. You cannot base my money On my kitten heels and dress. You cannot interrupt me Just because you have a thought. I know this might sound crazy, But my silence can’t be bought. I do not march forContinue reading “2018”

PSA: The Skimm

Okay, so from time to time I come across some really cool websites and information that I want to share with the world. Today is one of those days. I’m an avid news reader and was a Broadcasting minor in college, so news is something that’s always interested me. I like to keep up andContinue reading “PSA: The Skimm”

Why I don’t care about Caitlyn Jenner — and you shouldn’t either

So as I’m sure many of you with a Facebook, Twitter, or active interest in the news have heard, Bruce Jenner (somehow related to the Kardashian’s, but I’m really not sure how — dad I think?) is now a girl. Wow. Oh my gosh. This has TOTALLY never happened before… Except, it has. Many times.Continue reading “Why I don’t care about Caitlyn Jenner — and you shouldn’t either”