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You ask me how I’m doing And I tend to say “just fine”. But deep inside’s a monster And he’s trapping me in vines. They wrap around my neck So at times I cannot speak. They paralyze my body To the point where I feel weak. I’m trying to get


2018, A Poem By: Briana Carlesimo My worth is not dependent On the boobs across my chest. You cannot base my money On my kitten heels and dress. You cannot interrupt me Just because you have a thought. I know this might sound crazy, But my silence can’t be bought.

Another New Year

Looking back on all the years that seem to come and go, Reminiscing everything from goodbye to hello. Another day that you awake, a new year shining bright, An open possibility for endless dreams in sight. You know not if you’ll reach your goals or if you may fall short,

Poetry: It’s Been a Year

I can’t believe it’s been a year Since you have gone away. I swear that I was talking to you Just the other day.   The tears are more sporadic now I cry a little less, But on the nights that seem the worst They make me such a mess.

Poetry: That Time of Night

That Time of Night  And it comes pouring in, Like the waves at high tide. All the feelings at once, Emotions you can’t hide. Not as strong as before, You must fight just to breathe. Falling tears on your face, Leaving stains on your sleeve. Memories just won’t quit, Evil

Poetry: Fleeting People

Fleeting People  So many people  Pass by through the day,  All the faces and footsteps Of those who don’t stay.  At one point, you feel happy Another, you’re sad, At the end of the day  It’ll just make you mad.  All these people that come  Are the same ones who

Poetry: The Garden

Hi all- I’m going to start posting again, but this time I’ll be mixing in my poems as well. Let me know what you all think! The Garden Walk through the garden, Just a smooth, steady stroll, Peacefully thinking, While a gentle stream rolls. The world that surrounds you, Is