A Hop, {The Skip}, and a Jump

Nothing is cooler to me than hidden gems you find in the city. And an alleyway bar with popular artists’ murals on the walls surrounding it is definitely one of those gems. You can find The Skip between Broadway & Library Street, behind The Z parking lot. It rests smack dab in the middle ofContinue reading “A Hop, {The Skip}, and a Jump”

Cycling As Told By Bri

As I’m typing this, my crotch still hurts from spending 60 minutes on a stationary bike with no seat cover.  It seems that cycling is the latest workout fad, and since I tried barre after it started getting popular, I decided I’d try cycling, too. My little sister has been going for about a monthContinue reading “Cycling As Told By Bri”

Music Monday – Hello, March

A new month and some new music? Yes, please. Here are the songs I’ve had on repeat lately: Dive and Barcelona – Ed Sheeran: Ed’s new album, Divide, was just released last week, and I’m 100% in love. Although there are a ton of good songs on the record, these are definitely two of myContinue reading “Music Monday – Hello, March”