Sip Happens: Quarantine Drink Edition

I went live on Instagram with my (poor) mother to share some of the fun drinks we’ve been collecting to try over the summer. While summer might look a little different this year, we thought it’d be fun to give all of you the recipes to try right now at home!

Detroit Summer Bucket List

So many of my friends come to me with questions about what to do in the city, and there’s nothing I love more than obsessing over Detroit. After taking trips to Arizona and Minnesota this month, I love being home in my fave city even more. Exploring other places is so fun, but nothing beatsContinue reading “Detroit Summer Bucket List”

Summer Daze

There’s something so incredible about these hot, summer days. Being able to feel the heat and the sun radiating off of the objects around you. Or the way your skin feels in the morning when that first ray of sunshine lands across your arm and the warmth of the world¬†engulfs your entire being. How sweetlyContinue reading “Summer Daze”